Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC)

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The Malaysia Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC-Malaysia ) is the country’s most exciting initiative for the global Information Communications Technology (ICT) industry.

Conceptualised in 1996, MSC-Malaysia has since grown into a thriving dynamic ICT hub, hosting more than 360 multinationals, foreign-owned and homegrown Malaysian companies focused on multimedia and communications products, solutions, services and research and development.

With this unique corridor, Malaysia continues to attract the world’s leading ICT companies to locate their industries in MSC-Malaysia to undertake research, develop new products and technologies as well as export from this base. MSC-Malaysia is also an ideal growth environment for Malaysian ICT SMEs to transform themselves into world-class companies. Furthermore, MSC-Malaysia welcomes countries to use its highly advanced infrastructural facilities as a global testbed for ICT applications and a hub for their regional operations in Asia.

MSC-Malaysia is a dedicated 15 X 50 km Corridor, stretching from the Petronas Twin Towers in the north to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in the south; and encompasses Cyberjaya (the Technology Core) and Putrajaya (the new administrative capital of Malaysia). Implementation of MSC-Malaysia is divided into three phases from 1996 to 2020.

In Phase 1 (1996-2003), MSC-Malaysia was successfully created. Every milestone set for Phase 1 were surpassed. In Phase 2, a web of similar corridors will be established in Malaysia, and a global framework of cyberlaws will be passed; furthermore at least four of five intelligent cities will be linked to other global cities worldwide. In Phase 3, Malaysia will evolve into one Multimedia Super Corridor. An International Cybercourt of Justice will be established in MSC-Malaysia and 12 intelligent cities will be linked to the global information highway.

The Malaysian Government has equipped core areas in MSC-Malaysia with high-capacity global telecommunications and logistics networks. Emphasis has been placed on eco-friendly, yet sophisticated urban structures for businesses, homes, education and recreation. MSC-Malaysia is also supported by secure cyberlaws, strategic policies; and a range of financial and non-financial incentives for investors.

There are several compelling factors for investors and ICT technopreneurs to conduct their business in
MSC-Malaysia. Among them are:
1. Comprehensive package for investors
2. Strong socio-economic fundamentals
3. Firm commitment from the Malaysian Government
4. Accelerated human resource training and development
5. Competitive costs of doing business
6. Ready access to the Asia-Pacific markets
7. Widespread usage of English
8. Superlative quality of life

Many innovative flagship applications have been developed in MSC-Malaysia to accelerate its growth. They are focused on the development of Smart Schools, Telehealth, e-Business, smart card technology, electronic government and technopreneurship.

A brand new initiative of MSC-Malaysia is the Creative Multimedia cluster, which aims to catalyse the development of the Malaysian creative content industry in Malaysia, engaging the participation of global producers. Furthermore, Cyberjaya is finding its niche as a regional outsourcing and shared services haven for international companies.

Your gateway to MSC-Malaysia is the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC), a high-powered ‘one-stop agency’, focusing on ensuring its success and the companies operating in it.

The MDEC has been incorporated under the Companies Act of Malaysia, owned and funded by the Government. MDEC combines the entrepreneurial efficiency and effectiveness of a private company, with the decision-making and authority of a high-powered government agency.

Their role is to advise the Malaysian Government on legislation and policies, develop MSC-specific practices, and set breakthrough standards for multimedia operations. They also promote MSC-Malaysia locally and globally, as well as support companies which are locating within MSC-Malaysia.

They are dedicated to ensuring MSC-Malaysia is the world’s best environment to harness the full potential of ICT. MDEC is a champion, facilitator and partner. They champion the merits of MSC-Malaysia, facilitate the entry of companies and partner with the Government and the private sector in realising both a vision and an opportunity.

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